The kitchen Equipment Baltimore focuses on offering both high-quality kitchenwares and excellent customer service. We double and triple inspect each product before shipping to assure correctness for every product shipment when you pick us as your restaurant supplier and order kitchen wares from us.

Our extensive product line includes more than just restaurant supplies and kitchenware. We also offer office supplies, cleaning supplies, restaurant accessories, and commercial-grade kitchen appliances. To order small kitchen wares or kitchen supplies from us, you do not need to be a part of a large organization, a nationwide food chain, or a restaurant. We send to anyone, anywhere in the globe, at the most affordable costs.

Your One-Stop Kitchen Supply & Equipment Shop

Kitchen Supply Baltimore provides commercial and Top 3 Tips For Choosing A Kitchen Remodeling Baltimore to a variety of customers across the country. Our products are available in our online catalog, ranging from modest kitchen utensils to massive industrial kitchen appliances and walk-in refrigeration. Our devoted and knowledgeable customer service team will go above and beyond to ensure that kitchen Equipment Baltimore is the first place you think of when you need equipment or supplies.

Also, the kitchen cabinets Baltimore is a significant store of foodservice equipment, cabinetry, and supplies. We are leaders in the planning, design, and execution of foodservice facilities, thanks to years of industry experience and development.

We sell everything from professional appliances to glassware and cutlery to independent restaurants, nationally-known chain businesses, government facilities, schools, and thousands of other commercial kitchens.

We offer a complete line of restaurant equipment, commercial kitchen supplies, and support services to businesses of all sizes.


Our major Kitchen Supply Baltimore

If you're looking for a charbroiler, you've come to the right place. Commercial broilers and griddles are available from Kitchen Supply Baltimore to suit your needs in various brands and designs.

Ovens with Convection

Our convection ovens, also known as fan ovens, are considered superior in quality and performance. If you're looking for commercial-grade products, here is the place to come.


Whether you're looking for new chest freezers, reach-in freezers, under-counter freezers, or merchandiser freezers, we have the options you need.

Deep fryers

Our electric and gas deep fryers are extremely robust and may be used to cook various meats, vegetables, and desserts. They are available in a range of sizes to suit the needs of any company.


Commercial griddles are ideal for cooking a wide range of foods. A restaurant griddle's huge flat cooking surface allows it to be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anything in between.


These fast, easy, and practical commercial microwave ovens are ideal for quickly heating up ingredients and readymade recipes.


This collection includes food prep tables, chef bases, under-counter and full-size refrigerator models in various forms and sizes to meet your commercial kitchen refrigeration requirements.

The kitchen Equipment Baltimore’s devoted staff of Customer Service Professionals and Technical Experts are here to assist you at any time! We are continually focused on value engineering cost savings and service to our clients, thanks to a continued dedication to emerging technology. We offer various services to assist you in replenishing or managing your inventory, purchasing or leasing new or old equipment, or obtaining a trade-in value.

Why We are One of a Kind

We ensure that you get the correct product at the lowest price by relying on competent product specialists and advisors with years of combined food service operating experience.

Are you looking for something unique that we don't have or tailored to your needs? Don't be concerned! Our advisers will assist you in finding the ideal solution for your requirements, even if it is not listed in our catalog!

We can also drop ship most non-stock items because we work directly with our producers, making your shopping experience quick and straightforward. On most major equipment, we also provide free shipment to business sites.

Considering opening a new restaurant or experimenting with a new concept? Kitchen Design Baltimore has over years of expertise collaborating with contractors and manufacturers.

Do you have any inquiries? To learn more about what Kitchen Equipment Baltimore can accomplish for you, and if you have any questions about your order, product availability, or technical issues, you can call, email, or chat with us.

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